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Gloryland Enterprises’ mission is to encourage and build people up in their faith. The company offers Christian, meaningful, motivational, and inspirational products. From gifts and home decor, to wearables, jewelry, and accessories, Gloryland Enterprises offers a vast and exquisite selection of products that are sure to inspire you. Their products also make excellent gifts. The company is committed to making a difference and its main target is to share God’s love. For this reason, they pledge themselves to live out their faith in every arena of life, reinforce Christian values, and impact the lives of people around them.

We created with a beautiful typographic solution for the logo communicating and creating a visual illustration of the word “glory” and what it signifies: High Renown, Magnificence, Great Beauty, Respect, Delight, Blissful, Worthy of Praise, Reverence, Majestic, Great, Noble, Elegant, Wonder, Wonderful, and Marvelous. While the decorative strokes on each one of the letters of the logotype emphasize this concept, the letters themselves are elegantly standing strong. Finally, the tag-line summarizes the whole business concept and philosophy. It’s an overall contemporary design that sets the company apart from competition.


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