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DAVINIO is design & branding studio located in North of Dallas, TX. We weave strategy and design to create captivating, memorable, and meaningful brands that connect emotionally with today's consumers. Our creative solutions are built on a strategic foundation and are crafted in a way that is intentionally distinct and purposeful. Every design is built to engage, inspire, and push the boundaries of the unexpected.

Our Capabilities:

Market research and industry analysis
Brand strategy & positioning
Brand identity & design
Brand story and messaging
Brand personality
Brand guidelines
Social Media Graphics
Logos & icons
Website design
Wall Graphics

Meet the Founder & Art Director: Carolyn Siha

Carolyn is a multifaceted visual communicator who specializes in strategic branding. After completing a Bachelor of Design at the Art Institute of Seattle, Carolyn worked as an art director at an agency based out of Redmond, WA. And in 2014, she started her own design studio DAVINIO.

Part brand strategist and part creative director, Carolyn’s work focuses on the convergence of strategy and design. Driven by the belief in the power of design to influence and foster positive change, Carolyn has dedicated herself to helping entrepreneurs and business owners to chase their dreams and communicate their vision. 

From writing proposals, coaching on branding, and developing brand strategies to designing brand identities, packaging, and websites, Carolyn wears many hats. Her work aims to create a cultural connection and manifest true difference through engaging design, creative strategies, and disruptive solutions. 

See What They're Saying

Carolyn Siha created a website home page and an internal page design for my e-commerce site. With a plan in mind and aware of my goals, Carolyn conducted thorough research to create a home page that is trendy and bold, enticing e-consumers to click further. Introduced to me in a professional presentation, the website pages are attractive, clean, modern, informative and organized with not only the consumer in mind, but also me, knowing that I would have to monitor the pages day-to-day. Carolyn spoke with confidence and clarity, asking me to critique her design thus giving her the chance to satisfy me to the utmost. Needless to say, I was not only impressed with her designs, the roots of my e-commerce site, but also her professionalism and knowledge. I approved her designs with no revision necessary. Thus, I sincerely submit this recommendation for Carolyn Siha without reservation.
Barbara C.H.
Carolyn is a rock star. Sorry for the hyperbole, but it's the easiest way to describe the way we feel about the work Carolyn has done for us. The final product was fabulous and the process of working with Carolyn was great. She is very thorough, attends to all the details and does a great job of managing expectations. The best recommendation I can give is that I will hire her again the next time I have a corp identity or website development project.
Paul Griff
CEO, Mosaic Salong Group
I have been a graphic designer for 20 years and Carolyn is the only designer i have ever met with a her insane creative range. She also has the ability to take a art form and instantly master it is unparalleled I have watched her take on digital and physical projects and knock them completely out of the park.

She also has a extremely focused organized approach to her work many times while working with her i could see the complete project before she had even started because of the intense research that was done beforehand.
Gilber Walker
Creative Director, KREATIVE

Miss Carolyn has done the Artwork and Branding collateral on several of my clients, there are no words to describe the creativity and utter brilliance that she exudes. She strives for perfection and delivers every time. She cares about her clients and meets and EXCEEDS all expectations. I highly recommend her.
Shelle Curley
Sales & Marketing Specialist, Kreative
All I can say, is that I am TOTALLY impressed with Carolyn's design, work, and imagination. I HIGHLY recommend her to ANY organization.
Kevin Grant
CEO, Scullery Store

I highly recommend working with Carolyn. She moves decisively through the process, communicate the chosen identity clearly, and passionate about the projects that she works on.
Candace Kovacs
Account Executive Manager, Kreative
Carolyn is an absolute joy to work with. She is a fantastic designer, and has the unique ability to tackle a problem with minimal direction and create a great finished piece. We look forward to working with her again in the future! :)
Tania Shepard
Owner & Photographer, Azzura Photography

Carolyn is an excellent provider of unique and stunning work with extreme attention to detail. The work has always left me in awe and her professionalism and the time spend on me, my thoughts, and my business is unbelievable.
Arron Pinder
CEO, PerfecTone