+ Branding
+ Art Direction
+ Copywriting
+ Web design

Mosaic offers incredible salon studios for professionals in the beauty industry. Their goal is to make it possible for salon professionals to own and successfully operate their own business with a streamlined process.

We created a strong visual identity for Mosaic Salon Group. The solution caters to both customer groups: the artist and the business savvy. It does so through a fine balance between playfulness and seriousness.

We worked closely with the client to revitalize the company's online presence in a way that not only communicates more clearly the identity and uniqueness of Mosaic, but also sets them apart from competition. The concept, content and imagery on the website had to summarize the whole business model and communicate at a glance the benefits to both the artist and the business savvy.

Agency: KREATIVE | Photography: Dana Kae Jonas

Mosaic Salon Group Logo
Mosaic Salon Group Visual Identity
Mosaic Salon Group Stationary
Mosaic Salon Group Website Design