Nature Gardeners

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Nature Gardeners provides quality choice for not only novice gardeners, but also the enthusiasts and seasoned gardeners. The company believes gardening provides more than the opportunity to grow one’s own produce. It’s how one finds bliss and the chance to experience nature at its finest. Nature Gardeners offers a diverse collection of specialty gardening products as well as innovative, garden-tested, eco-friendly solutions, offered at competitive prices.

In this modern, fast-paced, gadget-saturated world, we've forgotten the joy and beauty of connecting with nature. From a seed of inspiration, we worked with the client to grow Nature Gardeners to an expressive brand that captures the joy of gardening while accentuating the DIY spirit.

The brand centers around experiencing nature at its finest, and the happiness and positive energy that one reaps from gardening. The use of a handcrafted choice of typography for the identity, along with a friendly tone of voice and a nature-inspired color palette, is intended to help customers emotionally connect with the company’s unique philosophy.


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