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Ever since the early 1920s when the first hand-held hair dryer was put on the market, the hair care industry has seen little to know innovation. This may have been true until the day EVOLUTION was created by Thompson.

Thompson created the World’s First wireless, rechargeable hair dryer. Designed and made in Canada, EVOLUTION features a revolutionary, state-of-the-art technology, and a minimalistic, gorgeous look. No more loud dryers, no more tangled cords, or standing in the same spot, EVOLUTION frees you!

We created a gender-neutral brand identity that attracts not only the business woman and the college student, but also the modern man. We used a contemporary typeface with a strong character. Furthermore, the website’s design reflects a cutting-edge solution that communicates modernity and boldness. The clean geometric shapes leave a perennial impression of innovation, elegance, and timelessness. From the imagery, to tone of voice and calls to action, every element was carefully crafted to create a distinctive character and attitude for a brand that is a one of a kind. The result? A new identity and online presence that was as elegant and unique as its place in the industry.


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