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Petature carries the widest selection of healthy, wholesome food for dogs, and other supplies. The company also offers My Dog’s Box. Focusing on the art of nutrition, Petature created this monthly box of handpicked items, natural treats, toys, and delicious varieties that suit the unique nutritional and health needs of every pet. The company focuses on giving health-conscious pet parents an opportunity to wholeheartedly pamper and care for their pets.

The bold and trendy design highlights the brand’s unique offerings to consumers and streamlines the online shopping experience from checkin to checkout. While the postcards are designed to attract new customers and acquire new business, the brochure is geared toward existing customers, as a way of creating a loyal customer base.

From the identity to the online presence and the box design, every collateral piece succeeds in instantly communicating the company’s unique offering. The collar with the tilted bone, is a mark of dedication symbolizing Petature’s utmost commitment and expertise in all things dog. Finally, the tagline we came up with summarizes the overall brand philosophy and focus. It is meant to attract discerning pet parents who consider their pets as part of the family and want to give them the very best. The overall look and feel and tone of voice ensure the brand is perfectly positioned for growth and expansion.


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